1. Application

Candidates applying for admission to the BSc program in Integrative Systems and Design (ISD) are required to submit an  application in the application system.  In addition, applicants are required to submit a “Design and Technology Project experience (DTP) which is a MANDATORY document for applying the program.  Candidates who fail to submit the DTP by the application deadline will not be considered for the admission.

After uploading the DTP, you will receive a confirmation of DTP submission. Please proceed the application further according to the instructions below:

(a) For applicants with International/ Post-secondary Qualifications, you are required to upload the DTP under “Required Documents” in the application system. Note that the deadlines of admission application are as follows:

Application Opens 16 Sep 2019
Early Round Application Closes 15 Nov 2019
Early Round Offer Announcements Late Dec 2019 to Early Jan 2020      * Applicants who do not receive our offer will be considered in the main round with other applicants
Main Round Application Closes 6 Jan 2020
Main Round Offer Announcements Feb 2020 onwards
Late Round Application Closes 31 Mar 2020


(b) For JUPAS applicants, please submit the application in the application system AND upload separately a DTP via the ISD admission page. Please keep the confirmation of DTP submission in pdf/jpeg format to yourself. You may be required to show it to the ISD admission committee if needed. Note that the deadlines of admission application and DTP submission are as follows:

Application Opens 18 Sep 2019
Application Closes 4 Dec 2019
DTP Submission Closes 26 Jun 2020
Modification of program choices by the students 23-25 Jul 2020
DTP Submission Closes                 (for New Applicants who apply for ISDN from 23-25 Jul 2020) 29 Jul 2020
JUPAS Offer Announcements 13 Aug 2020


(c) For Mainland JEE applicants, you are required to upload the DTP to “DTP Submission (DTP作品集)” under “Required Documents (上载补充文件)” in the application system. Note that the deadlines of admission application are as follows:

Application Opens 2 Oct 2019
First Round Application Closes 31 Dec 2019
Final Round Application Closes 14 Jul 2020
HKUST Offer  Announcements – Tentative 28 Jul – 6 Aug 2020


What is Design and Technology Project experience (DTP)?

DTP is a purposeful collection of the student’s past design and technology efforts, to tell a coherent story of their problem-solving approach and design process to arrive at the final work. It highlights candidates’ previous project work that describes how, why and what the students work on the projects.

It should be up to 3 pages of text in font size of 12 points and 5 pages of diagrams/ photos/ figures describing their key experience in personal investigative projects, prominent enrichment program and/ or local/ international competitions (e.g. design, hackathon, robotics, startup camps, etc.). The experience is to be summarized as a design project journey including details from conceptualization, proof-of-concepts to end results.  In addition to textual descriptions, candidates can exhibit skills in visual design or craftsmanship by including drawings, 3D work, digital work, models, original photographs, and/ or short videos (less than 5 minutes). The candidates are recommended to prepare an independent design-centric portfolio. For JUPAS applicants, use of the materials from their Student Learning Profile (SLP) or Other Experience and Achievement (OEA) in lieu of the DTP is allowed. Any applications found to contain plagiarized work will be rejected de-facto.

The assessment criteria of DTP include 4 aspects – (i) Inspiration and motivation, (ii) Critical thinking, (iii) Visual communication skills, and (iv) Composition of the portfolio.

2. Assessments

Potential applicants for the ISD program are evaluated based on the  admission requirements: (a) Public examination results, (b) DTP , and (c) Team-based Design Challenge. The shortlisted candidates will be invited for the MANDATORY Team-based Design Challenge.

a) Public examination results – following the ISD program admission requirements:

b) DTP– highlighting students’ previous project works, competitions, design efforts and experience, unique abilities and interest.

c) Team-based Design Challenge – assessing students’ potential and passion to the ISD program. Instead of the traditional intensive Q&A format of interview, it allows the candidates to demonstrate their ability to work through problems in steps. They have a unique opportunity to put their problem solving and communication skills in action and on display which are observable by the judges. The tentative schedule for the Team-based Design Challenge is as follows:

International/ Post-secondary qualifications JUPAS Mainland JEE
2-13 Dec 2019 22 Jun – 3 Jul 2020 2-11 Feb 2020
2-11 Feb 2020 3-4 Aug 2020 27-30 Jul 2020
22 Jun – 3 Jul 2020


About ISD

ISD epitomizes the use of project-based experiential learning in design education.  We nurture innovators and researchers with design and system thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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