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What is Design & Why Design?

One of the key missions of the Division of Integrative Systems and Design (ISD) is to promote design-oriented approach for technological-based innovation. The mission necessitates students to understand what design IS, the principles and core design attributes, and their relevance to science and technology disciplines. In addition, such fundamentals provide a common platform for rigorous discussion; as design is postulated to be an everyday problem solving activity that students of all disciplines could master.

The course of What is Design and Why Design discusses the fundamental design principles and introduces basic design process. Throughout the course, students learn how to appreciate design, form valid design judgement and furthermore master the knowledge and skills to realize “good design” to solve real-world problems.


About ISD

ISD epitomizes the use of project-based experiential learning in design education.  We nurture innovators and researchers with design and system thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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